Membership Policy

Active Membership

Active membership in the organization is outlined in Article II, Section 1 of the bylaws. Specifically, it says:

Membership will be vested in individuals rather than departments or institutions. Each individual member will be required to pay dues. Active individual members shall be entitled to one vote on matters that come before the membership for action. (Active means having paid dues for the calendar year in which the vote occurs.)

Classes of membership are outlined on the membership application form, which includes Active (full voting privileges) or House Officer (non-voting active members).

Active members will receive a subscription to Academic Psychiatry, the ADMSEP Newsletter, and access to the ADMSEP listserv, as well as reduced registration fee for the annual meeting. House Officer Members do not receive Academic Psychiatry, but will receive the ADMSEP Newsletter and access to the listserv.

Members are in good standing during the period of time for which dues have been paid (July 1-June 30).

Renewal Notices

Membership renewals will be sent to all active members with the annual meeting announcement and again with the annual newsletter.

The administrative coordinator will email reminders to submit dues payments prior to June 30 to all members. Another reminder will be sent by mid-July to those members whose dues have not been received.

Inactive Status

The email reminder sent in mid-July will notify individuals to those members whose dues have not been received their membership will be considered inactive effective July 31st. As a result, subscriptions to Academic Psychiatry and the ADMSEP listserv will be discontinued.

If members have submitted paperwork to have their institution renew their membership, internal paperwork indicating this may be faxed to the administrative coordinator as proof that their dues payment will be forthcoming.

Drafted February 27, 2008
Revised March 3, 2008