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Preliminary Preference for 2017 Concurrent Workshops

From the choices below, please pick:

a) one or both of the Toolkit Sessions below (on Thursday), if you plan to attend and
b) ONE workshop per each workshop breakout session that you plan to attend (Fri and Sat)

Please note that your stated preferences do not compel attendance, but rather helps presenters anticipate number of attendees at their session). The unabridged descriptions of workshop abstracts are here.

Toolkit for Early Educators (optional)

  • Workshop Session One*

    11:15 AM‐12:30 PM on Friday, June 16, 2017

    Learning Transgenerational Cultural Competency: Using Ourselves as an "Imperfect Instrument"(Abbasi, Blieier, Kay)
    Teaching with Digital Video: Nuts and Bolts and Beyond (Averbuch, Holbert)
    Effective Faculty Development and Student Communication Across a Geographically Separate Clerkship in the Digital Age (Meyer, West, Cozza, Goldenberg)
  • Workshop Session Two*
    2:00‐3:15 PM on Friday, June 16, 2017

    Physician and Trainee Wellness: A Focus on Systemic Issues and Remedies (Tsao, Wilkins, Williamson)
    The Role of the Clerkship Team in Faculty Development, Recruitment and Retention: Programs in Transition (Stuenzi, Walia, Sherrell, McCarthy)
    Stories of Illness: Exploring Patients' Experiences of Illness Through Literature and the Medical Humanities (Elkin, Bolton, Elkin)
    Mid‐ and Advanced‐Career Faculty Development: Opportunities and Transitions for Diverse Leaders (Hilty, Hilty, Frank, Malloy, Fitzgerald, Levine)
  • Workshop Session Three*
    9:45‐11:00 AM on Saturday, June 17, 2017

    Hearing Patients' Voices through Hearing Voices: Improving Clinical Understanding via a Simulation of Auditory Hallucinations (Stork)
    Teaching Medical Students to Make (Instructive) Mistakes (Frank)
    Reviewing 4 years of 5 Clerkship's Criterion Based Grading Systems: What does it tell us? (Schilling, Michael)
  • Workshop Session Four*
    11:15 AM‐12:30 PM on Saturday, June 17, 2017

    Making the Most of MS4 Year (Schatte, Thomas, Findley, Trello‐Rishel)
    Critical Thinking: A Novel Approach to Teaching Ethics to Medical Students (Elkin, Villela, Elkin)
    Educational Research and the Clinician Educator (Tsao, Balon, Moulana, Roman, Thomas)

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